Emily Roach
We have never been really into Halloween at our house. Before Abbie was born, we usually left the house deliberately on Halloween to avoid the teenagers with pillow cases banging on our door.

Abbie has started preschool, and she and her friends have been talking about what they want to be for Halloween- guess I can't skip it this year.

First, it was a mermaid. (side note- Auburn just got SMOKED.) Well, Daddy vetoed the idea of a topless fish girl. We contemplated the princess thing- The thing is- I really don't like store bought costumes- they look so fake. I grew up in a very rural area. I know I was a clown once when I was really little, in a homemade costume, sewn by my mom or grandmother. The rest of the time, I think I was a scarecrow or a hobo. For years. And a bit itchy. You can do so much with some men's overalls.

I digress.

My children. I have two now.

Something that goes together- processing processing. I've got it- Oh, it's brilliant. Have you seen my boy lately?

We decided (I did) to dress them up as Violet and Jack Jack from the Incredibles. It was a great idea- I even scoured the internet- and bought a costume on ebay.

will post a separate note later about the nasties that ebay brings out in my personality.

When the "Violet" costume I bought on ebay got here, it was a bit butch. It was actually a Mr. Incredibles costume, complete with muscles, and it was too big for Abbie.

Not giving up on my great idea- I decided to make them. I don't sew, but I am creative. I found red pants and shirts for both of them- fabric to make the logo for the front of their shirts- I already had the mask that came with the other costume, and I found some really cheap "Pretty Woman" boots to go with Abbie's costume.

don't have them finished yet, but I think they will be cute- Anyway- for Halloween, I will be Edna Mode dahling.

more to come...
Emily Roach
I have always wanted to be a columnist. My dad loved Lewis Grizzard, and I read his columns with him as soon as I learned to read two-syllable words. Then he died, but I still read his books.
I always wished I could be the modern day girl version of Lewis. Since I haven't made much time to write, no one has called to request my services, which include and are mostly limited to, unrelated thoughts and sometimes clever, possibly even sarcastic observations.
So- here goes. A blog. Today's column.
All my friends are doing it. I can't promise the artistic or creative sites that they do, but I do fancy myself a bit of a wordsmith. Being a stay-at-home mom has created an interesting dynamic for me- I have these "thoughts," or as Lewis might have called them, nuggets for a column, and no one to share them with (Abbie and Drew just might not get my humor). So I amuse myself, and sometimes my friends who call or drop by- Most of which have learned that neither will be quick due to my need for adult interaction. They love me anyway.
I look forward to sharing my random ponderings here. I think we will have fun.